Obama Rhinestone "Yes We Did " V-Neck Shirt

Obama Rhinestone "Yes We Did " V-Neck Shirt
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When choosing a women's shirt please choose between the following size options.

Junior Cut Fashion T-Shirts

Junior cut fashion T-shirts are the slimmest of the T-shirt cuts and are designed to clearly accentuate the female figure. Size needs are very important when considering junior cut T-shirts since they are not meant to fit a wide range of women. They are predominantly sold in markets catering to younger age groups in their teens and twenties.

Missy Cut Women's Shirts

Men and women are built differently, so it shouldn't be expected that women would wear smaller men's T-shirts. Missy T-shirts are designed to fit average size women and are tapered to accentuate a woman's natural curves. They are a natural choice over the standard boxy cut of a unisex T-shirt and the slender petite styling of a Junior cut T-shirt.