Joe Hill Poster T-Shirt

Joe Hill Poster T-Shirt
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This design was created from the I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World) artist Carlos Cortez. Joe Hill was executed in 1925 after a lifetime of sruggle for workers rights.

On the left side of the head it reads: Gavle, Sverige, 7 oktober 1879 Salt Lake City, USA 19 November 1915 Union Organizer, Labor Agitator, Cartoonist, Poet, Musician, Composer, Itinerant Worker, Arbetarsangaren And in the right side: Murdered by the Judiciary in Collusion with the mine owners who wished to silence his songs but the songs are still being sung! Industrial Workers of the World 3435 N. Sheffield Avenue, Suite 202 Chicago, Illinois 60657 USA

In his hand: If we workers take a notion We can stop all speeding trains, Every ship upon the ocean We can tie with mighty chains, Every Wheel in the creation, Every mine and every mill, Fleets and armies of all nations Will at our command STAND STILL. Sorj Ej, Organisera