Father Jean-Juste Memorial Shirt

Father Jean-Juste Memorial Shirt
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Father Jean-Juste Memorial Shirt
On May 27,2009 Father Gerard Jean-Juste passed away in Miami. Father Jean-Juste was a founder of Miami's Haitian Refugee Center in the late 70's and later,after he returned to Haiti, a leading advocate for human rights and democracy in Haiti.

After the coup of 2004, that overthrew Haiti's democratically elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide, Father Jean-Juste helped organize numerous protests against the newly installed dictatorship's repression aqnd demanding the return of Aristide. Father Jean-Juste was imprisioned twice by the dicatorship and was badly beaten and became ill with Lukemia in prison following his second arrest. After an international campaign to demand his freedom, which included Amnesty International declaring him a prisoner of conscience, Father Jean-Juste was finally realised from prison in earily 2006 to recieve medical treatment in Miami.

All profits from the sale of these shirts will go to support the costs of Father Jean-Juste's funeral and to continue his work for democracy and human rights in Haiti.