About Us

Check out our web page, every shirt that we make, every button we press and every advertisement that we run helps to promote a progressive political message. When you buy from Progressive Rags you are helping to build the progressive movement.

We are an activist company and we donate our time and resources to the movement. Any profits made from the proceeds from selling on our page are used tobuild the movement. At Progressive Rags we don't profit from the movement, we build it!

Progressiverags.com was set up to make t-shirts, buttons and other items that support the struggles for social justice and peace available to collectors of progressive and liberal cultural arts memorabilia.

Progressive t-shirts are not widely available in many places. Some t-shirt designs like a few of the Obama shirts we have available are common yet hard to find locally, all of our designs are meant to spread consciousness and enlightenment.

We are constantly expanding our selection so please revisit our site regularly for new innovative and politically timely designs. We are here to serve the movement so if there are shirts we can produce to help your progressive cause or organization, let us know and we will produce it at a very inexpensive price!

All of our merchandise is "top quality" with a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. This 30-Day Guarantee gives you plenty of time to check items for color, high-quality, and size for yourself, family and friends. If for any reason you need to return or exchange an item, just contact us at sales@progressiverags.com or call 305-582-4846 and we will take care of your problem in a prompt and courteous manner.

Returns should be sent to:

Progressiverags.com 2040 NE 163 St #210 North Miami Beach,Florida 33162